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Ladies and gentlemen, warriors and customary, welcome to the Zone Tarceva! Here you can find useful information for completing quests with a detailed description and pictures, where, what to look for, the same applies to finding keys, upgrading weapons, how to reduce recoil and increase ergonomics, find useful information about the penetration and damage of certain cartridges, exchange loot, search for a group for raids. What is useful in the Tarkov Zone? For beginners, I advise you to visit the section "Tarkov for beginners", many questions that arise when getting acquainted with the game will be solved, the rest of the questions you can leave in the comments of the article or on our streams. Find out the exit points for Wild and PMCs at Customs, Forest, Factory, Shore, Interchange, Reserve. The last mission will take place not mediocre in the city of Tarkov. We will help you find the caches. Also find out the latest news in the game Escape from Tarkov, you can visit our online broadcasts and ask your questions, links to our channels are located on the right.

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