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Advanced version of the Interchange with a detailed description of the respawn and exit points for PMC and Scavs Ones. Below you can find useful information for you.

New exits for PMC at the interchange

Exit points for PMC at the Interchange

Точки выхода для ЧВК на Развязке

Emercom Checkpoint

Railway Exfil


Power Station

New exits for PMC at the interchange

Scav camp

On the opposite side of the main entrance ULTRA behind the green container. Joint output of Scav and PMC.

Hole in fence

Saferoom Exfil

Need to power a CHP, then go to the Store to the toilet to activate the door by pressing the button under pissuarom you need a key card 11SR and then go to the fault where the APC down in the Parking zone C to the left of the fault and there will be open our door. There will be boxes and loot in the room. But for the output to become active, you need to close the door behind you, the switch to the right of the door.

Exits for the Scavs at the Interchange

the same as for PMC

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