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Advanced version of the Woods in patch 0.12.9 with a detailed description of the respawn and exit points for PMC and Scav Ones. Below you can find useful information for you with the new location "base of the Ministry of Emergency Situations".

New exits in the Woods for PMC and Scavs ones

New exits in the Woods

New exits in the Woods

We found USEC temporary camp!

Bridge extraction the cost of the trip will be 3000 rubles

Bridge extraction

Scav bunker under the communication tower, on the opposite side of the Scav bridge

Scav bunker

Eastern rocks

Eastern rocks

Scav bridge

Scav bridge

Northern UN roadblock

Northern UN roadblock

South UN roadblock former output UN Roadblock

South UN roadblock

Exits of the Scavs

RUAF Roadblock

Factory gate

UN Roadblock

Old Station

Mountain Stash

Scav House


Dead Man's Place

The Boat

Exits of the PMC

ZB-016, free exit

RUAF Roadblock, near the tank

Factory gate joint release of the PMC with the scav

ZB-014 for this exit, you will need the key Key ZB-014

Outskirts near the pickup truck

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