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Карта Таможни

Map "Customs" in Tarkov with exit points for PMC and scavs it can be purchased from the Therapist on the first level! One of the oldest maps with unique exits.


the Exits of the PMC

the Exits of the Scav

the Exits of the PMC 
Old Gas Station
Dorms V-Ex
Smuggler's Boat
RUAF Roadblock
Trailer Park
the Exits of the Scav
Factory Far Corner
Military Base CP
Scavs checkpoint
Railroad To Military Base
Warehouse 4
Old Road Gate
Factory Shacks
Old Gas Station
Warehouse 17
RUAF Roadblock
Sniper Roadblock
Railroad to Port
Railroad To Tarkov
Trailer Park Workers' Shack
Passage between rocks
Administration Gate



Old Gas Station

the shortest way to it is through the checkpoint at the factory, but for this you will need a key to exit the factory

Dorms V-Ex

from the end of the three-story hostel in the fence there is a gate there is a jeep if it is not there then the exit does not work.


in the corner on the territory of the boilers


which is located behind the hangar with a gazelle, on this hangar sometimes sits a sniper.

Smuggler's Boat

RUAF Roadblock

Trailer Park


Exits of the Scavs

1 Factory Far Corner

2 Military Base CP


3 Scavs checkpoint

4 Railroad To Military Base

5 Warehouse 4

6 Old Road Gate

7 Factory Shacks

8 Старая Заправка

9 Warehouse 17

10 RUAF Roadblock

11 Sniper Roadblock

12 Railroad to Port (слева как выходить из Таркон)

13 Railroad To Tarkov

14 Trailer Park Workers' Shack

15 Crossroads

16 Passage between rocks

17 Administration Gate

18 ZB-013 

The exit itself on the new territory there is an unfinished building go to the basement from the pipes turn left and open the grate with a key. To exit, you will need to activate the exit and have the "factory exit key"with you.

activation in Warehouse 4, go through the door and immediately turn left, there will be a switch right, click and go to the exit.

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